The Fencing Club in Ashburton

If you’re looking for fencing in Ashburton, you’ve come to the right place! The Fenceology is located in the town of Ashburton, which is a great spot for fencing in the area. The club is affiliated to the British Fencing Association and the Surrey County Fencing Union, and is staffed by experienced members who are trained to keep members safe. To join, simply contact the club by email or phone to receive the latest news and updates.

The fencing club will sanitise all its equipment, including equipment such as jackets, masks, and sword handles. The equipment will be kept by club members until the outbreak is over. Door handles and surfaces are also sanitised. In addition, all fencing staff will wear protective clothing to protect their bodies from bacteria. The “rule of six” will apply when the fencing pistes are awaiting access and when spectators are watching matches.

The fencing club in Ashburton is committed to health and safety. All of its equipment will be sanitised before each fencing match. All equipment, such as masks, jackets, and sword handles, will be washed and disinfected. The equipment provided by the fencing club will be used by the members until the pandemic is over. In order to keep people safe from infections, the kitchen will be sanitized and only two people will be allowed to use it at a time.

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The fencing club in Ashburton provides services that are designed to ensure your health and safety. All equipment is sanitised, including the jackets, sword handles, and a double gate to allow access to the site. It is important to follow the rules for health and safety. If you are worried about the safety of your equipment, you can contact the fencing club in Ashburton. The fences are designed to protect both participants and property.

Fencing Ashburton offers fencing services to residential and commercial properties. Its services are performed by experienced professionals.This double gate must be large enough to allow a car or a trailer.