Top 5 destinations to Travel Alone

Travelling alone is an exciting and amazing experience. The best part of travelling alone is the freedom of discovering and exploring you get, with all the resources made available online, it has become so easy to travel alone anywhere in the world. There are plenty of places around the world where a solo traveller can have incredible fun, a real piece and ultimate pleasure of discovering places.


Here are Top 5 destination to Travel alone.




Iceland is the most peaceful and user-friendly place for a solo traveller. You can enjoy interacting with locals, explore some of the best beauty spots, and hang out at the fine guest lodges looking at the pristine nature and breath-taking landscapes. Here you can have the best of exciting adventure and beautiful scenario of colourful skies. People in Iceland are friendly, and the city itself can be easily explored on your own.




An ideal city for a solo traveller, Amsterdam is the safe and friendly city to explore alone. The city has got so many attractions to keep travellers engaged in the exploration. Some of the greatest artworks can also be seen at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum of the city. The best way to take a tour of the city is by bike riding. Enjoying the food at the open street restaurants is the fun experience in Amsterdam.





The best city to explore Swedish culture is the city of Stockholm. With remarkable historical places to visit, the city has enriched itself with bustling restaurants and vibrant nightclubs which are the meeting place for solo travellers. Stockholm has got a lot to be explored by any solo traveller seeking to enjoy the best modern lifestyle. The capital has a gamut of outstanding museums and friendly attractions. Because of its numerous iconic landmarks such as the Royal Palace, ABBA the museum, The vasa museum and Skansen open-air museum it is one of the most popular tourist destination of the world. The city has safe and friendly environment to travel alone.


Melbourne, Australia


The city with thrilling adventure and rich culture is the best place to visit for solo travellers. Melbourne is the hub of world’s most luxurious and finest restaurants and bars to enjoy the Australian wine and different cuisines of the world. The city is known for its fantastic street art, museums, art galleries, and world famous markets. Melbourne offers endless opportunities for any solo traveller.  With its sprawling landscapes and fantastic beaches, the exhibit wonderful scenarios and natural beauty. Melbourne is a safe place to travel alone and it is easy to roam.




The capital of The Republic of Ireland is just as safe to travel alone as any other European city. The town situated at the east coast of Ireland is the most amazing destination in Europe. Heaven to the beer and food lovers, the capital has rich culture and history that may surprise you. Dublin has to offer several museums to broaden your mind and the famous Guinness storehouse. Here you can indulge in top class attractions and breathtaking mountain and sea adventures.

Note:- While going out to travel alone, make sure to know about the safety concerns of the place and make all the necessary precautions in advance.